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You are putting so much planning into your Wedding Day and it is going to flash by, believe us, we have photographed nearly 900 weddings to date and everyone Agrees.


A lovely, professional video and great photographs help to take you back but do not really give you the ‘feel’ of the day.  The sights and sounds.  Your own personal view on everything rather than the camera mans.


This is where we come in – an unobtrusive, hassle free 360 video of your entire day.


You choose where you want to be and what you want to look at.  Listen to the real sounds and see the real sights.  No fancy music or clever fades – just the real thing.


Imagine being able to transport friends, family and even your own children back to your wedding day years after it happened.


We film in high definition 8k meaning that your film will stay sharp and ready for the next generation of screens and devices.


Our VR camera is positioned at a convenient location to capture what’s going on, set to the Brides height and then left to run. 


Our experienced operator takes care of it all so that you to enjoy the day. No overpowering experience of video cameras in your face 


After the wedding we provide you with a virtual tour of highlights from your day.  We can ship out personalised VR headsets to your Guests as ‘Thank You’s’ where they can relive their day and try and find themselves,
Of course you get the entire footage to keep both via a private YOU Tube channel and on a USB


Look around the room, zoom in and out, experience the background ambience and listen to moments like vows and speeches like no other way!

Take a look at Ellie and Mikes First Dance and spin around to watch Mum and Dads reaction –their reaction is just priceless!



These all contain small snippets of the scenes at the wedding – your wedding will have the entire day!  Please also note that sound quality is not great on some of these early clips – this has now been radically improved so that speeches etc. are crystal clear.

so how does it work?

We plan your film with you in advance using our 14 years of wedding experience to help you decide on which elements to film and where to place the discreet camera. 


On the day we send along an experienced operator and a high definition, professional VR camera.  This is mounted on a stand at Brides height and is placed amongst the action.  The camera is remotely operated and doesn’t move, flash or make any sound.  Pretty soon you forget it’s there!  We then move the camera from scene to scene – from the Service to the Confetti line to the Drinks Reception and so on.


We also take static 3d photographs and film of the venue and grounds to create link through scenes.


We can also provide a ‘Live Feed’ using the venues strong wifi network so that, as well as recording, we are sending the day out over our You Tube channel in real time – great for guests that can’t make the day!


As we come from a wedding photography background, we can even bring the high resolution DSLR’s along to capture a few stills for you to add to the ‘Live Tour’


Afterwards we create   a ‘Live’ Tour of your special day, taking you from room to room as the action unfolds. Imagine being able to dive into the centre of your wedding and hear your vows whilst you watch the reactions from your guests and then head outside to the drinks reception to take a sneaky peek at what everyone is up to. Then jump across to your speeches, your First Dance and to any special events such as Sparklers, cake cutting or that crazy rodeo bull!


The tour can be viewed either via a computer, tablet or mobile phone or, with the full VR option, on a VR headset such as the Oculus Go or Google Cardboard. 


Links can be shared with friends and family and are super good to send to anyone that was unable to attend.


The entire footage from each sequence is loaded to your own personal You Tube Channel and provided to you on a USB.


Afterwards, how about sending out bespoke VR goggles – overprinted with a personal message and photos from the day.  These act as a ‘Thank-You’ gift.


Prices start as little as £450 depending on your location, timings and number/length of scenes.  Get in touch and we’ll send you a brief questionnaire which should give us all the information we need to get you a detailed price out within 24 hours.

happy customers

What can we say! WOW!! We received our videos yesterday and have already watched them all 4 times over. They are absolutely brilliant, we love them so much. We made a last minute choice to have our wedding recorded and after seeing the videos we are so glad we did. It captured our whole day for exactly what it was and showed us all the bits we didn’t take in!! Rod was amazing, as usual, and placed Boris is hidden places so you forgot you were being recorded but still captured every single detail of our Wedding Day. The fact we get to watch our Wedding over and over again is something that we can’t put a price on so thank you so much Rod & Boris!! We would recommend you over and over again. Jess & Dan xxx
This is a stunning piece of kit , that produces film and captures images like you have never seen before . It totally blew me away , AMAZING!!!!
We can’t recommend LUV360 enough!! Rod made a 360 tour of our wedding on 10th August and we haven’t stopped watching it yet - it’s amazing! Our whole day passed with such a blur it has been incredible to re-live it ‘live’ and watch all the bits we missed. A definite must have, we will cherish it forever! ❤️
What a way to cherish your wedding day! We asked Julie and Rod just a few days before our wedding if there was a way they were able to film the day for a family member that was unable to come. We weren’t expecting this. I must have watched it back at least 3 times so far! It’s a brilliant way to re-live your special day and see the bits that you miss as the day goes by in such a blur. I can’t recommend luv360 enough ❤️ We would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to remember their day in a different way to the standard wedding video. Thank you both again, we love it xxx